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Demoboost helps software companies deliver demo experience that sells. Presales, sales, marketing and customer success teams use Demoboost to easily and quickly prepare, share and track product demos with their customers. They avoid spending a lot of time preparing demos or relying on generic ones, frustrating customers with long wait times and stressing about unstable infrastructure. Instead, they use Demoboost and enjoy more effective teams, happier customers and better bottom line.
Doctor.One is a next generation virtual clinic, helping any doctor build a subscription-based private practice. Our goal is to give everyone direct access to a private doctor, with the aim of restoring the trusted doctor-patient relationship as the foundation of healthcare. Doctor.One allows doctors to create and run a private medical practice in a subscription model. Unlike most telemedicine platforms, this virtual clinic is not centered around booking appointments. The cornerstone of the unique care model are daily "rounds", allowing physicians to respond directly to messages from their well-known patients or check on the progress of treatment. Using the mobile-first platform, the doctors can provide help via asynchronous chat, start a video call without revealing a private number or issue a prescription. If necessary, they can invite the patient to an in-person visit or make a house call. is giving people convenient access to the products they love. From the people and places they know. In an environmentally friendly way. Our service allows customers to purchase from multiple local shops in one basket and have it all delivered. You don’t have to wait for the weekend to buy products you can feel good about. +220 local food entrepreneurs sell through our platform in Berlin + 3 Polish cities: Poznan, Warsaw & Wroclaw. Others are chasing large accounts, we are looking out for the mom and pop shops.
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Our tailor-made skill tests help managers verify candidates' skills before an interview. Use Heroify to save time on screening, make better hiring decisions, and provide superb candidate experience.
Movens Capital manages VC fund oriented on supporting tech companies focusing on European and the US markets. As VC investors, we mainly invest in seed and series A rounds. The main investment categories that we are looking at are AI-driven companies, fintech, SaaS and platforms (marketplaces) as well as deep tech & industry 4.0. We believe that machine learning will deeply change business environment in coming years. We provide also pragmatic and effective pricing and revenue management solutions through Movens Advisory to seal existing or potential profit leakages and/or improve top line performance.
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Nethansa offers comprehensive solutions that help to increase profits on Amazon and Our platform, together with strategic support from our ecommerce experts, will help you get the most out of your sales on various marketplaces. Our mission is to boost profits of companies that sell on the largest markets in Europe. In recent months we have generated over 100 million euro in turnover for our clients. Listening to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses we are expanding our product offer with dedicated platform that help to increase margins and streamline logistics on Amazon and
PixBlocks gives users an opportunity to learn programming no matter of ones age. It's the easiest way to learn both block-based programming and complex syntax of Python language. It is adjusted for almost every level of user's level of advancement, that makes it suitable for kids and adults. PixBlocks app is available in both desktop (Windows and macOS) and mobile versions. Among PixBlocks products family there is also a board game sharing the same name - devoted to developing user's programming imagination in a fun and compelling way.
SKY ENGINE AI is a Synthetic Data Cloud for Deep Learning in the Computer Vision and Metaverse that generates fully annotated, synthetic data and trains AI computer vision algorithms at scale. The platform is architected to procedurally generate highly balanced imagery data of photorealistic environments and objects and provides advanced domain adaptation algorithms. SKY ENGINE AI platform is a tool for developers: Data Scientists, ML/Software Engineers creating computer vision projects in any industry.
StethoMe®, an AI startup focussed on the world of healthcare and telemedicine. The StethoMe® solution is the first system that detects abnormalities in children's lungs, helping parents to monitor their kids' asthma. It relies on medical AI algorithms (CE 2274) working together with a wireless, electronic stethoscope and dedicated application.
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Talkie is a platform that empowers you to create and manage AI voice assistants on your own. Those AI-powered agents take care of repetitive interactions with customers, while your team handles cases that need a human touch.
The Village is a platform providing tools for anyone to run a physical micro-school. The ‘villages’ are education and childcare programs for 5-25 children aged 1-5.
Trusted Twin is a developer platform for secure data sharing powered by the Digital Twin concept.